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Trinity Healthcare Resources (THR) is a premier provider of web-based software that streamlines and accelerates hospital revenue recovery. 


THR changed the Medicare DSH landscape in 2007 when we introduced our cutting-edge, compliance-minded Hawkeye DSH Calculator. The web-based software automated the tedious, error-prone, manual process of performing DSH calculations and armed hospital reimbursement teams with the tools needed to bring their DSH in-house. As the Hawkeye DSH Calculator quickly became the gold standard, the once outsourced DSH market, plagued by high contingent and straight fees, was transformed, saving the hospital industry billions of dollars.

In the sixteen years since THR transformed the DSH calculation process, our offerings have continued to grow, evolving to meet the needs of the hospitals we serve. We take pride in the efficiency of our operations and our ability to be innovative.  The Hawkeye Software Suite is now comprised of six comprehensive tools that take the complexity out of Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement, allowing hospitals to focus on patient care and service to their communities. 

THR has a longstanding reputation of providing superior customer service to our clients. Our passion and consistent record of success has enabled us to build strong and trusted relationships with some of the largest hospitals and hospital networks in the United States.


Our leadership team is composed of experts who have built their experience across many backgrounds and industries and share a desire to transform the reimbursement and revenue cycle experiences for our hospitals. Through their vision and insight, they inspire our employees to create solutions that recover additional revenue while reducing  administrative burdens—allowing hospitals to focus on patient care.

“The additional revenue recovered through Hawkeye has allowed our hospital network to improve patient experiences and increase our organization's ability to innovate. It will also help ensure that we can adapt and respond to future challenges more quickly and more effectively.”

CFO, Large Hospital Network

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